Keep It Simple Stupid

This website is deliberately kept quite simple so anyone may access it regardless of the age or brand of their browser.

The internet is supposed to let everyone reach information and find like minded souls and talk to each other. Making a website that works only with one browser defeats this purpose.

Some software companies continue to try to own the internet by making software that is deliberately incompatible with the more common stuff on the net and usable only by users of their software. You know who I'm talking about. New "Features" often have the purpose of stealing market share rather than improving function and building a common structure that all can use.

Complain when you find sites that are unusable without downloading a new browser.

Don't let the internet become one company's property.

If my pages don't work on your browser please let me know.

Most of the HTML source code on these pages is pretty sloppy, a result of using multiple editors over the years.

I settle for testing my pages with a few of the most popular browsers and if they don't look too awful I just leave the code be.

An ancient version of Netscape is my most used editor and the version I use doesn't always get along well with the code already written.

I'm currently getting used to Open Office, a shareware, open source, pay if you want to office suite of programs.

It seems to write pretty clean HTML code so far, we shall see. I'd love to clean the code on these pages up, and open office may let me do that at last.